So you’re engaged! First off, Congratulations! This is SUCH an exciting time, and what a great way to celebrate that excitement by getting some engagement photos done! Maybe you’re thinking about the vibe of your photos and you feel like the beach is exactly the kind of place you want to have them done. It’s beautiful, It’s neutral, the sound of the waves are calming… Ah! Just writing about it has got me all excited for more beach sessions! But theres a problem… People. There are always so many people at the beach, it’s insane.

TV gif. Zach Galifianakis on The Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! walks on the beach with his hair absurdly tall. He carries three enormous champagne glasses which are full, and says, "C'mon guys! Vodka beach party!"

Well, I have a little juicy tip for ya… These photos weren’t actually dont in the dead of summer. No, My friend. They were done in September! Right after kids went back to school which meant…. The beach… wait for it…. WAS EMPTY! Yes. So if you want to do photos at the beach but don’t want to deal with people gawking at you, I highly recommended doing them then!

Wasaga Beach Engagement Session at Sunset

March 28, 2023