Maternity sessions have become increasingly more and more exciting to me. Maybe it’s because I feel like I’m getting closer to the age where that could be me? Becoming a mother is one of the most exciting and magical moments in life and being the one to capture it for others is an incredible feeling.

This session was a gift given to Elena & Giuseppe by a close family member, (How sweet right?) And I had such a blast with them both. You could tell how excited they were to become parents, and that energy just fed my creative and it was hard to stop taking photos! I love all of the photos from this session but the ones of Elena posing on their bed are probably some of my favourites. Like, what an absolute Queen! (scroll down if you wanna see what I’m taking about! 😝)

We finished the session off with some donuts (as every session should be in my opinion 😉) And I left feeling so grateful to get to work with beautiful souls like them.


A Beautiful Maternity session in Alliston, Ontario.

March 10, 2023