A first look is a private moment between the bride and groom before the wedding ceremony. During this special moment, you will see each other for the first time that day all dressed up! While some couples prefer to save this moment for the ceremony, there are several reasons why you should consider doing a first look. Here are a few reasons why:

Relieve those nerves.

The wedding day can be nerve-wracking, and seeing your partner before the ceremony can help alleviate some of that nervous energy. By seeing each other before the ceremony, you’ll be able to calm each other’s nerves and feel more grounded and centred.

Allows you to relax after the ceremony.

Believe it or not, but doing a first look can actually give you more time for photos allowing you to relax during and after the ceremony because theres not rush to cram all the photos in all at once. We can get portraits done of the 2 of you and group shots with the bridal party all with in an hour and then all we have to worry about is the formal group shots after the ceremony!

A private moment.

Weddings can be overwhelming and busy, with guests and family members vying for your attention. A first look can be a private moment for you and your partner to connect and share your love for each other before the chaos of the day begins.

More time with your guests.

Usually right after the first look we can get a lot of the bridal photos done before the ceremony and by taking photos beforehand, you’ll actually be able to attend your cocktail hour and spend more time with your loved ones because we’ve already taken a lot the portraits!

Theres no pressure to have a “good reaction” at the ceremony.

Seeing each other for the first time walking down the aisle can come with a lot of pressure. And if you’re the type of person who is going to cry but dont really want to have that melt down infront of all your guests, then a first look may be right for you. Having a first look relieves some of that pressure because its just the 2 of you (and your photographer 😉) and you’re reaction can be what ever it is. No pressure to cry or not or be shocked, you can just be authentically you.

Share your vows.

You want to say all the ushy-gushy things, you’ve poured your heart out on to the paper, declaring just how much you love each other… But the idea of your grandma in the front row listening makes you feel all sorts of “ick”. No sweat, A first look is a perfect time to share your vows with each other, and keep it sweet and simple at the alter.


Reasons to do a first look.

March 8, 2023